Published On: Fri, Oct 20th, 2017

World’s Deepest Lake Is Now In Crisis

Lake Baikal in Russia is threatened by pollution, poaching and algae.

Lake Baikal, the world’s deepest lake, located in eastern Siberia in Russia, is now under a significant stress, according to UNESCO. The lake, which is about 5,500 feet is now threatened by putrid algae, poaching and pollution.

The UNESCO world heritage site is a home to more than 3,600 species of plants and animals. It is dubbed as an “exceptional value to evolutionary science” and a tourist destination. The lake has been teeming with fish and the only source of the omul fish, which is a type of salmon. About one-fifth of all non-frozen fresh water in the world is in Lake Baikal, according to Newser.

The lake has been undergoing a crisis, in which the scientists are trying to figure out. These include the disappearance of the omul fish, the growing population of putrid algae and the loss of endemic species of sponges in its huge area. In 2015, it was also reported that the Baikal seal was threatened with extinction.

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World’s Deepest Lake Is Now In Crisis