Published On: Thu, Oct 12th, 2017

Nvidia Aims To Ride Pegasus to Self-Driving Car Glory

It used to be that Nvidia was known just for the graphics chips it made for personal computers. You know, the chips that made it look cool when you led the Allies to victory over the Nazis all those times you were playing “Call Of Duty” back in college instead of studying for your psych exam? Chances are, Nvidia helped you waste all your time in a productive manner.

Well, Nvidia is still making those graphics chips, but it has also found out a way to branch out in new and growing business areas. One of those is the market for autonomous-driving cars, and at the GPU Tech Conference in Munich on Tuesday, Nvidia left no doubt about the levels it thinks it can reach with self-driving cars.

The highlight was a new chipset that Nvidia calls Pegasus, named after the winged horse of Greek mythology. Nvidia said Pegasus is capable of supporting “Level 5 autonomy.” And now you are probably asking yourself just what “Level 5 autonomy” is.

The Holy Grail of the self-driving car is, well, a car that can really drive itself. It’s 2017, after all. Shouldn’t we have cars that can drive themselves by now? Nvidia says Pegasus can make true autonomous-driving cars a reality, and that’s what Level 5 represents.

That means a car without a driver. Or, without some of the traditional accessories that drivers use, such as steering wheels, gas or braking pedals, or mirrors. To do all of this, you need something that can run a lot of operations at once to make sure the car stays safely on the road. And Pegasus is capable of handling 320 trillion operations every second.

Nvidia said the first applications for Pegasus will be what it calls “robotaxis”: robotic taxis that will pick you up when you call for a…
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Nvidia Aims To Ride Pegasus to Self-Driving Car Glory